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The Benefits Of Joining A Boot Camp In Sydney


New fad fitness classes and workouts seem to pop up every day in Sydney. Sometimes, the best way to go is to stick to the basics by joining a boot camp. The Bootcamp Sydney residents can enroll in involves an intense workout that leaves the participant with chiseled legs and toned abs.


Boot Camp In Sydney

A boot camp challenges every muscle in the campers body. With little rest in between the sets, one is bound to feel the intensity and burn. Through constantly moving for hours, the body has no time to rest; hence one gets to burn a lot of calories. It is a way of challenging the mind and body into performing a workout.

Sydney boot camps are an excellent way of burning calories. Most camps close the doors and switch off the air conditioning, leaving the participants to feel as if they are working out in a desert. It may be challenging at first, but as soon as the sweat starts pouring down a participants face, he or she realizes that the combination of constant repetitions and heavy heat is doing their body a favor.

Since a camper is constantly moving in a rapid motion, this burns a lot of calories. An individual can expect to burn up to 600 calories during a session lasting an hour. Through performing high-intensity intervals of strength training combined with cardio bursts, one gets a total body workout and torches fat in the process.

Most boot camps involve using hand weights and treadmills. Within an hour, a participant is getting his or her cardio fix together with toning their muscles with strength training. This is advantageous for those who dread using cardio. This is because despite the cardio session in the camp being shorter than what participants do on their own, the intensity is at an even higher level.