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Find out the Requirements for Phlebotomy Jobs


Anyone who wishes to pursue a career in phlebotomy needs to meet many requirements because the phlebotomy job is highly exceptional. The phlebotomist job mostly involves collecting blood samples but what really makes it difficult is the real procedure of making the incision on the body, finding the vein and the actual extraction of blood from the vein.Phlebotomy Jobs

Phlebotomy jobs are growing in demand with each passing day. Blood testing is of great importance when it comes to treating many ailments. Blood testing forms the basis of making several diagnoses in a patient. Every hospital, clinic or health care facility needs a phlebotomist. There are very many phlebotomy job vacancies that need to be filled up.

Before deciding to venture into a phlebotomy career, it is important to find out the requirements for the job and to know if at all you meet those requirements.
The main duty of a phlebotomist in any medical or health facility is drawing blood from patients. A phlebotomist should be at a position to extract blood from a patient without causing any harm or pain. He or she must ensure that blood is drawn correctly and in good time.

After the phlebotomist has drawn the blood from the patient, he is tasked with taking the specimen to the laboratory for testing.

For you to be admitted in a phlebotomy training school, you only need to undertake the General Certificate of Secondary Education. What follows is extensive phlebotomy training which will give you practical and theoretical knowledge concerning phlebotomy. You must be proficient in the blood collection methods which include labeling the tubes where the blood samples are put. For you to qualify for a phlebotomist job, you must also be fully conversant on the usefulness of sanitation, hygiene as well as the safety features of the process.

Upon completion of your training, you will be required to take a phlebotomy examination so as to get a certificate that will act as a support to your qualifications. This certification is very important when you start looking for a phlebotomist job.

Is A Phlebotomist Job Right For You

There are quite a number of phlebotomy jobs that are available. These jobs could be trainee positions or the qualified phlebotomists. Jobs are normally advertised in many websites. Alternatively, you could just contact the department of human resource in various health facilities in your area.

Some of the jobs in phlebotomy that you can find on the internet include; courier or travelling phlebotomist, laboratory technicians, venipunctures technicians among others. Before applying for any given phlebotomy job, be sure to find out about the expected salary. Factors that determine the salary range include your experience and location.


If you have interest in phlebotomy jobs, it is advisable to carry out thorough research about the job description of phlebotomists. Find out if you are capable of doing the sensitive and difficult jobs. The phlebotomist job needs a lot of dedication, thorough training and enough courage to make the incision so as to get the blood samples.